Our products for animal lovers

Our know-how transforms every MOSER® animal clipper into a reliable companion for day-to-day use.

Our primary concern is the health of skins and coats of animals. In addition to contributing to daily care of an animal's coat, consistent grooming also enhances the wellbeing of the animal considerably and achieves a neat, well-tended appearance. 

A MOSER® animal clipper enables simpler, safer and, most importantly, quicker working than with a scissor – for a more uniform and professional clipping result. 

MOSER® animal clippers are renowned for their sturdiness and durability. They are also extremely handy and pleasantly light – just two further important characteristics of our appliances. In the case of noise-sensitive or nervous animals, it is extremely beneficial to be groomed with particularly quiet MOSER® animal clippers. Our service competence and excellent price-performance ratio can be added to this – more than a handful of good reasons for choosing MOSER® clippers!